McCreary County Jail (Kentucky)

McCreary County Jails and Prisons are responsible for incarcerating convicted criminals and detaining suspected criminals in McCreary County, Kentucky. County jails process individuals who have been arrested for misdemeanors or felonies, and they maintain records for people who are arrested and booked through the McCreary County correctional facility. They also keep records on people being detained before and during their trials, as well as individuals who have been sentenced to jail time and incarcerated. These McCreary County public criminal records contain information on the individual, the criminal charges, any arrests and bails, as well as court sentences, probation, and parole. Jails and Prisons may provide online access to their records.

Mc Creary County Jail Whitley City KY BON L BOBEE Way 42653 606-376-2040

Usp Mccreary Camp Pine Knot KY 330 Federal Way 42635 606-354-7000

McCreary County Sheriff Departments are law enforcement agencies charged with maintaining order and protecting the public safety in McCreary County, Kentucky. As part of this job, they maintain a number of documents related to county jail stays, including an individual's incarcerations at a McCreary County jail, all arrests and bookings at county jails, and any detentions at a county jail before or during a court case. These records often list personal information, all criminal charges, any arrests or bails, as well as court sentences, court-ordered probations, and paroles from county jails. Sheriff Departments may provide online access to their jail records.

Mccreary County Sheriff Whitley City KY 36 Court Street 42653 606-376-2322